Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Written en route to Oklahoma...

I just get a feeling this is going to be a nasty flight.

The stopover from TF Green to Atlanta was fine--a few bumps here and there, but that's to be expected. This flight, in contrast, as we glide 31,000 miles above ground toward Oklohoma City, has been very choppy thus far. The sky, however, is beautiful--a brilliant blue sheen of colour set atop a rich foam of cloud.

EJ is a bit of an odd old coot. Definitely a talker. He drones on and on for hours, particularly about his ex-wife, "who isn't a bad sort," but a) spent all his money (that is, when he had some), b) dumped him when the money dried up but she got her own job, and c) is very critical of his fashion sense. Horrors.

Peg has developed a habit, formed by years of travel with him, of simply looking ahead with a grim look on her face, while continuing to move forward, barely acknowledging that his lips are moving. It doesn't stop him one bit from continuing to talk.

During the wait between flights, EJ started to make me his talking post. This is not good. I have a limited capacity for extended conversation, particularly if it's boring. Perhaps this can be a challenge to be met this flight: fill in more of the blanks!

More turbulence! Ugh! I hope that we'll get through this soon.

Well, scratch that. We were told just ten minutes, but now it's been revised to "indefinite."
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