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Patching the Soul

My buddy Tom came over last night for a visit. Tom and I have been friends since High School, when we were biology partners, dissecting all sorts of creatures, great and small. Tom had a huge mop of floppy blond hair when he was in high school, and I always thought he was something fine, although he was a bit of a burnout, and I was more of a theater fag, and after our Junior year I really didn't see much of him.

Until about two years ago, when we reconnected, and since then, we've seen each other fairly regularly. Anyway, he came over last night and we had a lot of beer. It was a nice time, sitting out on the deck as the kids started out with explosive energy, which dwindled down into an ember as the night went on, until finally they were gathered around me, asleep...ashley at my feet, Tigger in my arms. Annie came home from work and was very talkative with Tom. After that we drank more beer and watched "Drop Dead Gorgeous."

I think I'm secure in Tom's orientation--he's straight, although never been married (not that that means anything), but it is nice hanging around with guys lately. Most of my teen years (except for Steven) were in the company of girls--MB, Pauline, Deb Fisher, Kim, blah blah endless string. But at the end of the night, as we were saying goodbye, it was almost as if he were going to give me a hug, then stopped and turned away. Probably nothing. I think I'm just in "hyper-gaydar" mode.

After that, slightly drunk, I had a great IM with Ricky Cavazos. This was the best conversation of the night. It was really nice to just be able to talk honestly with another guy...and quite a nice looking guy, at that. Man it was cool.
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