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About last night

Went out last night. I was supposed to go out with Josie to our favorite club, but she had a bad sore throat and was really tired, so I went alone.

I don't know. The place was kind of dead. The block was sectioned off, for some reason. I think there was some kind of big event going on. In any event, I had a few drinks and went home.

In the meantime, I didn't check my cell phone, and my friend Kim had called me at seven, looking to see if I wanted to go to the Hose Company. I wish I had checked that earlier!

It would be nice to find a bud to go out with, just as friends. That might take some of the pressure off. But I don't think that Kim is the right person.

Better get my butt off the computer. Have a lot of stuff to take care of today. I've been on the computer a lot this morning--loving my posts with ljinsomnia and loveisagypsy. But Josie is so wrong about my fashion sense! Nyah!
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