Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Tiger has been going to day care for the past week, and he really seems to like it. Oh, he gets a little bothered by the fact that he can't watch Cartoon Network as much, but quite frankly, I don't see that as a negative, and he has a lot more opportunities to socialize.

There is one thing, however. There's this one girl who chases him around, telling him that she loves him. He hates it. Every night he comes home and complains about how she tortures him.

I had a chance to see her last Friday, when we picked Tiger up and got hung up trying to wrestle potato chips out of a vending machine. They were stuck, and she helped me get them out by pounding against the machine. She's a cute kid, but a pushy little thing, with a booming voice and long brown hair. Not Tiger's type at all.

She's not an action figure, for one thing.

Anyway, when I returned home tonight, I asked Tiger how his day went.

"It was good!" he said. "And you know that girl that keeps bugging me? Well, she only bugged me once today!"

"Only once?"

"Yep. I was playing outside and when I passed by her she said she said I love you to me."

"Oh, no!" I said, unable to stop grinning. "What did you say back?"

"I did what I always do," he said, sort of frowning and looking me as though I should know this information. "I hide my head under my blue coat, and she doesn't recognize me!"
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