Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A day away.

“You don’t know how to relax.” Corb said this to me this morning, as we were eating breakfast.

And it’s true. Each night after he’s gone to bed, I’ve worked on Young Frankenstein, so I can be ready when I get back from the trip. I didn’t sleep that well when I got to bed at two in the morning (even with the blankets, it was freezing!). This morning I worked up early because I realized I didn’t put my away message on at work and spent about an hour sorting through emails. At breakfast I spent a good time sorting out what we’d do today. 

Okay, so relaxation it is.

On the schedule today: nothing much. Just resting on our balcony, a few drinks here and there, maybe catching up with my journal, maybe reading…maybe catching up on sleep.

See you in 24.
Tags: travel
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