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Picture parade: Horror at 876

"You know where you get your love of holding parties, right?"

That's my dad asking. Around mid-afternoon, maybe four hours before our great Halloween shindig was set to begin, right in the throes of getting ready, my parents show up for a visit. Thankfully, true to form (and part of the reason I love them so), they didn't show up unnanounced. They had booked the time well in advance, about a week ago. It took some of the stress out of the visit. "No, dad, where do I get my love of holding parties?" As if I don't know the answer.

"Your mom and your dad," he replies, his dimple showing. "Our house always was the party house. Each and every Halloween! Now, we've passed the party house tradition down to you."

He's right. I remember so many parties at my parents place. Halloween, St. Patrick Day, Christmas. At the house, at their beach house, at the little house in Westport. So many parties, so much laughter. And here we are, carying the tradition on. It makes me proud to be a Mitchell.

We went all out, I'll admit it. We created a task list on a yellow legal pad, and each day for the past week there was something party-related to do. Some were menial, like vacuuming upstairs or cleaning the bathroom, while others were more creative, like getting the witch set up by the piano and adding cobwebs. Finding the right branches in the woods to create the evil scarecrow was a biut of a challenge. I was the winner of that contest, but then, I had been the one who had lugged a ton of branches into the woods when we were cutting down trees to make way for the pool, so I knew where the bodies were buried. There again he had the more creative job: carving the actual pumpkin head and getting it lit up!

The highlight of the evening? The Golden Skull costume contest. There we three skulls that were awarded. As the invite said: "Who will be the recipients of the extremely rare, extremely beautiful golden skulls? Only three lucky guests: the one with the scariest costume, the funniest costume, and the overall best costume. Those fortunate three MAY be able to leave Green Victoria with them, alive. MAYBE! Who knows, it could be you!"

We had a good crew. About 35 people all together, and most everyone dressed up. That's Katie, who writes a column for a local alternative paper and likes to dress up provacatively most of the time. I think she's terrific. She came as part of a large contigent of people who dressed up from The Wizard of Oz. She's a Flying Monkey. To make her costume, she cut up some Sock Monkey feetie pajamas and applied them in critical areas. That sounds way dirtier than it actually is! She won best overall.
My buddy Coco came as Dorothy. She was also the ringleader and organized the entire Oz contigent.
Of course, the ex-wife showed up. She's looking good these days, don't you think?
Pauline and Jon were the Cowardly Lion and Glenda. Love in the land of Oz.
My friend Ted, in the center, won a Golden Skull for "Funniest costume." He went as an Italian guy who forgot his wife's birthday. It's hard to see why from the photo, but I think you can make out the meatballs and spaghetti, as well as the giant pan on his head.
This is the entire group...or at least, most of them. It was hard to take one big group shot, because people kept entering and leaving.

We partied until around one in the morning. All that work for six hours! Jesus and Mary did show up, but didn't end up being the ones snogging in the driveway at the end of the night. That honor went to my friend Matt, who did tarot card readings in the most active part of the house, and Anthony, a hunky Italian guy who knows it and is a little bit of a man whore. They kept their lights on in Anthony's car until three in the morning. Man, if we only had a pair of binoculars!

Anyway, it was a great party. Here's my favorite photo of the evening. :)
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