Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Rainy days and scheming

Behold, the backyard at Green Victoria.

Kind of looks like a jungle, doesn't it? A big green jungle. That's what weeks of rain will get you in New England these days. Well, that and being involved with a show for a few weeks.

The backyard looks lovely, I guess, but it certainly is one of the areas that Corb and I have targeted for improvement. First off, the land in the back has to be graded, because right now, it's all flat and gets terribly muddy during the winter...and soggy in the springtime. Also, you can't see it, but there's a big dead tree hanging over that swingset, which could be a deadly little situation someday. Gotta go. Oh, and the mosquitos! Don't get me started.

Corb's vision (because remember, Corb is the landscaper. I am completely helpless at these things) is to build a deck off the house that also accomdates room for a fire pit and a half-way above ground pool. The pool is a recent addition, and thank God. I've always wanted a pool, and for the longest time, he was fighting me on it. I am happy he's come around.

This is the fun stuff. Planning plans and scheming schemes for your new place. These are the things that definitely make life worth living.

An English tea might be kind of fun back there, too...
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