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ride on

Corb and I saw this yesterday as we were driving to get groceries and it made us laugh so much he had to pull over and take a photo.

Now I grant you, I did a little checking on the interwebs yesterday, and there are a lot of people out there, it turns out, who make the same mistake out there. Even so: wouldn't King Jesus be a great name for an amusement park ride? I know I'd want to ride it! Or maybe instead of the bible story of Jesus riding in town on a donkey, everyone got to hop on him instead?

It's the little things that keep us amused.

Okay, enough of that. We had a great week-end. How about you? Yardwork and house stuff, mostly. We did watch the last episode of series two of House of Cards, and I have to say, although I still love the show and don't want to give anything away, it occurred to me that the whole
deskshow so far is based on the supposition that the President is a complete moron. I honestly can't fathom a real life president listening to everything his vice president says and then just carrying it through without a thought. Oh wait...there was George Bush with Cheney...

We also did some antique shopping and found something for the kitchen this week-end:

It's a partners desk, built in the late 1800s. It had been at the Admiral Dewey Inn located in South Kingstown, Rhode Island for years. Corb's thought is to strip it, repaint the sides, and place it on a platform so that it can serve as a kitchen island for us. It certainly has a ton of drawers, and it will be his first renovation project for the house, so he spent the whole week-end plotting and planning what he would do with it.

I will be sure to post the finished result here when I get it as "Exhibit A" in the "Corb's restored marvels" collection. That is, if it doesn't suck. If it sucks, you'll never hear another word about it!

Anyway. have to get ready for work. Y'all have a great day!
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