Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Closing time.

The closing is scheduled to take place in less than fifteen hours. There have been some slight delays because of the fire inspection and a minor issue involving the hard wired smoke detectors not being in sync. What a boy band from the eighties has to do with my smoke alarms is beyond me...

In any event, I am pretty damn excited. After ten years, I'm going to have my own home again!

It was almost exactly ten years ago that I moved out of the homestead, actually. Well, ten years and change. That's the beauty of Live Journal. You can check up on these things. Here's my journal entry from September 6, 2003:

I have decided that I will not be maudlin in any way, shape, or form this evening.

This is the start of the future. But I shall always look back on the past fondly. We've had a lot of good times.

Reminding the kids was weird tonight. Anticlimactic. Both Tiger and Ashley remembered our talk two weeks ago and didn't really wish to hear much more than "It's happening soon." So we let it go at that and focused on playing games, eating pizza, and taking Tiger out for a great walk at night.

Tomorrow's all set. Michael, Tommy, Buns and Tom, Pauline, Josie, and David will be on hand to help. It should really be more than enough. I want Pauline to go bed shopping with me afterward.

I will not go into memories here, although there have been so many. Laughs, fights, discussions, tears...we have been good companions to each other for years, and we shall remain good company to each other. We shall endure, with dignity, and continue forward, with our heads up. We have nothing to be ashamed of. We had a proud past, and we will do what so few are able to do in this society--continue this friendship, this love, without blame, without anger, with love and affection and with our kids and our heads intact. We shall celebrate and honor our past together even as we move forward into a new chapter in our lives.


Why is it I still flinch and feel guilty when I read about talking with the kids about moving out? But the post did have a lovely sentiment, and I am so glad I maintained my friendship with Josie, despite everything. And I will not be maudlin this time around, either.

Really, the past ten years out in the wilderness haven't been too wild at all. They've had ups, they've had downs. They've had laughs, fights, discussions, tears...and lots of memories. Lots of good memories.

Now, I'm planting down stakes again. This time with Corb. A new homestead, a new era.

I'm going home again. :)
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