Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Goal posts

Home: I have put this off for a bit. The new job (and signing bonus) should help with paying off some bills and improving my credit so I can finally take out an FHA loan. However, Josie may need to place me as consigner on Ashes' college loan for the new year (and why she waited this long, I will never know.) That could affect all my plans and all I have worked do hard for. Hopefully not...we'll see...

Job: Mission accomplished :)

Writing: moving forward. The book is edited, and Ashes is going through it one last time with a list of double checks Mary Ann listed. She is taking forever and only has 100 pages done, but hey, it's her only job of the summer, so I won't complain.

Health: joined Weight Watchers. Lost seven pounds. Did all this traveling. I am sure I gained it all back! I will deal with that when I get back and am settled back into a routine.

Relationship: Feel pretty good about things right now, except for the fact that I went to New Orleans without the big guy so he probably hates me. Hopefully, that will change!

Bottom line: One goal accomplished. I will celebrate that.

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