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It's been a busy week so far!

SATURDAY we headed out to New Hampster with the kids to visit with his aunt Carol and her husband. They bickered constantly and are card carrying T shirt wearing members of the NRA. I have to tell that story some day! The next day we went to Loon Mountain...that's me taking a break at the top of the hill.

MONDAY I headed off to New York City for my last two days on the job at Met. Many, many drinks were consumed that night in the cause of saying goodbye, and on the way home Tuesday night, I indulged myself in an upgrade to first class, so I could take the train home (and end my career at Met) in style.

TODAY Corb and I woke up at five and flew off to Lee's Summit, Missouri. We're spending five days here visiting with Corb's cousin Shelley. We've been here since three and have done NOTHING yet. Why am I typing this writing now? Corb is ready to kill me! We have to get moving.

NEXT WEEK, I head off with the kids to New Orleans. So far, this has been a terrific month!

More later...gotta run... 
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