Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Pitching the pad?

One thing I become increasingly anxious for as we look to buy our own place is a place to really spread out and write. I think having a dedicated area will increase my productivity immensely. I won't be forced to spread my stuff all over the place, or compete with Corb or the kids for rooms and couches and silence.

One thing I am increasingly considering, at the same time is ditching my iPad, because it does nothing to help my productivity. If anything, it's quite the opposite. I am convinced the only thing an iPad is good for is finding ways to distract you--and also, contributing to my shorter and shorter attention span on all levels.

All an iPad gives me is surface. There's nothing deep about the damn thing. It's all: look at Facebook, get frustated by some dumb hateful political rant that someone's posted that day, move to Politico, read a ten second soundbite of something; go play Song Pop go play Words with Friends, respond to the ten or twenty requests that you get from that; check your email, sort your way through the junk to find something worth responding to.

Even worse, Live Journal comments and posts are NOT things I can respond to on my iPad. My LJ notifications still come through my old address in Yahoo, and every time I try to respond to anything on my iPad from Yahoo to LJ, I receive a syntax error, meaning I need to log on directly to LJ to respond, find the post, etc, etc.

In other words, for me, iPads are too distracting and are inhibiting my productivity.Plus, simple functions such as Facebook on the iPad are getting really slow in terms of responsiveness. I find myself getting too frustrated waiting for all of the latest posts to upload, and then waiting to actually be able to comment.

In short, I think when I get the new place I am going to ditch the iPad and invest in a new desktop, one intended just for me, Something that's not my work computer (where I tend to get everything done nowadays) or Corb's game computer (which is where he plays Sims and goes on Pinterest--a site I cannot understand if my life depended on it...) And maybe I'll limit my iPad to music and occasional Words with Friends, Or maybe I can just get rid of it altogether...I can do those things with a good phone, after all.

At least, that's my plan for today.
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