Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Larger than life.

Last night, after finishing up the hand-written first draft of the next chapter of "Confessions," I started thinking about the fact that I find my main character, Dante, is increasingly encouring me to make him more outrageous...even more so than I had perhaps envisioned. He's obsessed with his the size and girth of his privates, for example. He just loves talking about them! More importantly, he also ends up doing and saying things that I couldn't possibly see myself doing.

So I was describing the latest situation on my Facebook last night and I just happened to ask, "Is there such a thing as too outrageous?" My friend fixnwrtr ad the appropriate answer, of course, which was, "The Diva is always outrageous," and possibly it went without asking, but keep in mind: I've spent the past ten years working in Public Relations. For an insurance company. Of course, absolutely nothing I ever do at work is ever even remotely outrageous. Furthermore, with my other novels, I was writing juvenile fiction and was trying to please an agent who hated anything that was too far out there.

So my mindset is perfectly understandable, I suppose, but it's also why I love writing for the Diva so much. He's allowing me to write in a way I've never been able to, except through my journal. And I love that. It's also going to help me, I think, when I turn to self-publishing The Late Night Show and Pictures of You. There are rules I no longer have to abide by that I think will make those stories even stronger, now that I am free to express myself however I want.

I find it funny how characters seem to take on a life of their own, as time goes by. It's like a conjuring act...through the act of putting pen to paper, of mapping out a journey, of writing sentence after sentence, something happens. Something appears that wasn't there before. Even though I've known for months exactly what the ending of my story is going to be, it's fun to see Dante whispering in my ear to twist things just a take a take a few chances.

I'm looking forward to learning what other things the Grande Diva encourages me to do.


Tomorrow: trying something a little different on LJ. Not sure if this experiment will work, or how long I can keep it up (I tend to get notoriously distracted by life.)  
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