Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Change or die.

I find myself fascinated with the evaluation of the election that is taking place on the conservative side of things. I actually started to listen to conservative radio, just so I can hear the blame game take place. It's endlessly entertaining. The Republicans were convinced they had this election in the bag, drinking heavily from the bottle of their own self delusion, dismissing most pollsters that clearly showed they had a problem, and insisting upon only relying upon their own "special," more accurate (!) polling, which they felt was a better indication of how "real" Americans felt and would ultimately vote.

This self-delusional hubris did not serve them well, and now they are left scratching their heads and wondering what happened. This analysis most likely will follow the seven stages of grief. Some will get stuck in the anger stage...actually, many will get stuck in the anger stage. It's all those idiots, those freeloaders, the lazy, the delusional...not us! It's not us! I do hope that in the long run, Repubs may wake up and see that their vision of what America "really" is has to evolve and become more inclusive...has to have a message that more than white straight America finds appealing...or they have serious issues in the years ahead.

Because the trurth is, the Republican party has to take a look at how they approach things. This election was Obama's to lose. The Dems should have lost the senate, too. But poor candidates and a message that isn't particularly inclusive of what America looks like isn't a particularly winning strategy, and quite frankly, this country's demographics are only going to keep changing. If Repubs don't change their approach soon, they are going to end up in the dustbin of history. Ditch the intrusive moralizing about women's reproductive rights and gays and all that nonsense. their economic message might have worked, if it didn't come attached with all the other garbage, including the hateful, bigoted, incredibly vile attacks against the president and other Dems that have nothing to do with running the country and turn off half the population.

These things have to change. I was actually embarrassed for some of the things that I read on my Facebook feed, from people whom I otherwise respect quite a bit. It's not that people don't have a right to say what they want. But when what they say has no basis in reality, when it's so over-the-top, when it's predicting doom in a period of months, when it's steeped in Kenyan conspiracy theories and under-the-surface racist insinuations, there's just no way a rational person can take it seriously.

But we get like that, I get that. When Bush was running for reelection, the left did the exact same things. It just seemed so...personal, this time around. It seemed even meaner than the Bush attacks, even more hateful. And I think, in the end, people did take notice. They didn't say anything (because the people saying that crap would refuse to listen), but they kept quiet, and they voted. And now we get the "well, now the country's going to hell in a handbasket." News flash: it did, five years ago. And we actually did survive, and things have gotten better. We'll survive...whatever...again. Instead of all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, get over yourself, try to look at things rationally, and just get on with the business of living. This is, of course, all fed by those in power who have control over the message.

The Repubs in control of their message have fed their followers a steady diet of hate, divisiveness, and doom for four years now. That has to change. Their view of what consititutes the 47 percent is the wrong one. And news flash! That 47 percent will only be growing in the years head. Next time around, if you don't change things around, the results won't even be close to close. Change, or die. That's the message at the end of every election for each and every losing party.
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