Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

American Horror Story season two: If there be aliens.

We've been looking forward to the premiere of the second season of American Horror Story, even if the conclusion of the last season turned what had been a genuinely creepy story into something that was a little too similar to the plot of Beetlejuice for my tastes. Dead family, wanting to keep their home for themselves, try to scare off the new get the idea...

ahs asylumHaving said that, we watched the premiere last night. And while I'm not going to condemn it, I do have to say, as a general rule:

If I'm all hot and bothered for a scary show, the fastest way to turn me off? Introduce aliens.

I just don't find aliens scary, frankly. And they seem totally out of place when you're dealing with other elements, such as a creepy insane asylum, evil nuns, freak show patients, and psycopaths.

Those are fine and fit well together. But aliens? It's as if Ryan Murphy and crew are trying to throw as many things as they can together, to see what sticks. Sometimes, one too many ingrediants makes the whole thing seem as silly as...well, Jessica Lange's attempt at a New England accent (honestly, it took me twenty minutes to figure out what she was trying to do, and I live in New England! At first I thought she was Southern again, but then I realized she was aiming for something else, and I actually had to sit there and squint my eyes and focus really hard to figure out that she was shooting for something from Bawston.) It's like mixing cheese and brocolli and chocolate and peppers and marshmellows and blade meat all together. Eventually, too much of a bunch of good things makes the recipe unappetizing.

However, let's face it, all of Ryan Murphy's shows have a tendency to head dangerously close to the silly. Usually, they end up toppling over because the plotline is unable to support the weight of ridiculous thing placed on top of ridiculous thing placed on top of ridiculous thing. Nip/Tuck did that after a few seasons. Glee is totally there right now (and has been for years.) We'll have to see about The New Normal, although I don't really watch it, because I also get  irritated with the Ryan Murphy cliche of a gay guy who's so gay that he almost floats away and only cares about what stupid outfit he's going to wear the following day. Corb, on the other hand, loves the show, so I will give it a chance.

I'm all for outrageous, I'm all for stylistic flair. But at its heart, a show has to have a solid plot that doesn't jerk me out of the reality of the world it's trying to establish. Let's see what happens in the weeks ahead.

On the other hand, the stairway to heaven was really cool looking.   
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