Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Saturday Night living.

Last day of vacation, and I'm of course a bit depressed. But then, I've been depressed about the last day of vacation for the past three days. I guess I wish I had accomplished more this past week, which is ironic, in the sense that my stated goal was not to accomplish anything this past week. 

Yesterday morning, Corb and I had a huge fight about him wanting to join a gym, but we made up after he learned that the gym he wanted to join wasn't that good a deal after all. I had been upset about the fact that he was looking to go to the gym after work, which meant that he wouldn't be getting home until ten at night. At that rate, I wouldn't see him at all during the week days. I wasn't happy about that.

After we made up, we drove to Josie's house, as she had asked me to move out four or five boxes of stuff I still had in her house. Eight years apart, and I still have stuff in her house, go figure. Actually, even moving these boxes, I STILL have stuff there, in the cubby where I once fractured my ribs. That will be a battle for another day. 

As I was moving one of the boxes, which was supposed to be of my writing, I opened up one folder and the first thing I saw was a printed page of schlongs. Not mine, some random guy. There was a phone number written on them, but I don't think it was the guy's. And, some IMs I had between myself and a guy who used to be on Live Journal. Flirtatious, silly stuff. He lives in New York City now, but came from Dallas. Frankly, the IMs were kind of boring. The stuff was from when we were separating, during that long year that I still lived in the Homestead. I looked at Josie and said, "I'm sorry."

We then drove to Plymouth to drop off the boxes at my parents. My folks took us out to dinner for my birthday. I allowed myself an appletini and a nice piece of steak. Then, we drove off and spent about $60 at the Twin Rivers casino. didn't win a thing, but I still enjoyed losing the money.

Then, drove to Providence and walked around a bit. We ended up at Cheesecake Factory for coffee and cheesecake. It was okay, but at $20, probably not worth it. Plus, we were squeezed into a little corner next to another party, which I never find enjoyable. As Corb pointed out later on, we could have gotten just as much enjoyment out of a frozen Sarah Lee cheesecake, and for a lot less money, too. 

Went home and watched "The Duchess." Corb fell asleep about three quarters into it. Only I possess knowledge of how the Duchess fared.
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