Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A Rocky evening.

Went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show with my kids last night, along with Corb and Hot Coco.

I think there's probably a small minority of parents who have taken their kids to see Rocky Horror, and god dammit, I'm proud to be in it. It was fun, and the kids had a great time, and want to go again next month. We'll see.

One thing I'll say, though. It's been some time since I've seen Rocky Horror "live," and I'm not sure if some of the changes that have occurred are for the best. In the first place, the theater I saw the show at did not actually run the film, but instead played a download on a wide screen. As a result, the sound quality was terrible.

What made it worse, I think, is that it now seems that the audience participation does not serve as a complement to what's taking place on screen, but the movie serves as a complement to what's taking place in the audience and on stage. In other words, you're not really paying much attention to what's on the screen, because the action on the stage and the endless stream of what's being shouted from the audience (which has accumulated like barnacles over thirty years) make the dialog in the show absolutely meaningless. I guess that's okay, because if you want to hear that, you can just go see the DVD, but even so, it just seemed a little unbalanced to me. If I truly were a virgin, I'm not sure I would understand a bit of what was going on.

However, the half naked boys were cute, especially the guy who played Brad. His tighty whities left little to the imagination.
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