Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Premature Edeckulation.

Christmas only during the month of December? Wow, what a concept.

Sign me up as one of those folks who gets really bugged to see Christmas starting as early as before Halloween. It's ridiculous and intrusive and it's certainly not going to make me buy my Christmas presents any earlier. And if I do, it certainly won't be at a place like THAT.

Interestingly, I posted this photo on Facebook the other day, and within a second, I had a response from my friend Matt, saying "Dislike." It was a response I had kind of been expecting, because I know how much Matt loves the Christmas season. He says it's because of the feeling of it, and the beautiful Christmas songs, and all that stuff. But also, if you ask me, for another reason, too: see, Matt hires himself out as Santa Claus during the holiday season. Of course, he's already started advertising that, too. So, there's kind of a financial reason for him to want to see Christmas start as early as possible.

I don't fault Matt for that, because he's just trying to get by. But isn't that really the exact same reason that all these stores start Christmas so early? They know it's going to be a bad Christmas year for retail sales, so they want to start as early as possible to suck out as much money from people as they can? Well, gee, maybe if you, Mr. Retail Store, hadn't been so busy creating an economy where all companies care about is a freaking 15 percent return on equity for your stockholders, which meant all you focused on was letting go of people and exporting their jobs overseas, and now you're in a sucky situation where you're still not hiring anyone back, because times are so tough, you'd might possibly be having better retail sales and wouldn't need to try and force Christmas on everyone so early. Ever think of THAT?

Ouch...boy, am I "bah, humby" today. And, full of run-on sentences. Okay, time to deck these halls with some coffee in my belly... 
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