Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Okay, I confess...

I am a total sucker for these reality based TV shows. I love Survivor, and I really do enjoy American Idol. I even will admit to liking that Kelly Clarkson song (even if I still contend it's the "You Light Up My Life" of the naughts).

And the best part really is watching the rejects. There's just something so enjoyable about watching these poor slobs getting up there and belting out an off-key tune, and then seeing Simon rip them to shreds. Sometimes I'm disappointed when they actually film someone who knows how to sing, because the entertain truly lies in who doesn't make the cut.

I sometimes worry about this sadistic streak on my part. I wonder if I'd find enjoyment if network TV stole a few ideas from Caligula. You know, staged gladiator fights to the death: old people versus old animals, blind warriors versus blind lions, etc.

Then again..they just had an obese, lady named Frenchie Davis who does not fit the "American Idol" image at all, but sang absolutely wonderfully--and I really hope she does well. Because even more than sadistic kicks and grins, I just love to root for the underdog. Besides, I think that drag queens would have a blast mimicking her style.

My friend Leslie thinks she has the perfect idea for a reality show. She wants to call it "The Voice," and have the show revolve around a girl who you never get to actually see: you just see her voice, see her interact with her friends, hear them talk about her, etc. And all these guys get to compete to be with "The Voice," even though they don't know what she looks like, and one by one they're eliminated until there's one left. On the last show, "The Voice" is revealed, and she's an old crone with warts and a little mustache, and we get to watch the guy who's been selected freak out.

I personally think she's got something there.
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