Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Quick snapshots

Arrived at Washington DC on Thursday night at around ten at night. Went for a walk with Corb and the kids right away, because it was so beautiful out.

As we were walking past one hotel, I heard a bellhop mutter angrily to the person next to him, "She just started ripping them up, just like that. Crazy."

Curious, we wandered down a little farther, and came upon an older lady with short gray hair, sitting in the flower bed in front of the hotel. She was talking to herself, constantly. "...and you can't leave your bags at Dulles airport, they won't let just can't leave them anywhere, because they won't let you leave your bags at Dulles..."

Quickly, we moved away, although I was damned tempted to ask her why she was taking out her anger on the poor flowers.


Had a great day walking through DC the following morning. Saw the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and my favorite, the World War II memorial, where I dipped my toes in the water, sat back, and found relaxation.

Got a little lost on the was back to the hotel. Barely made it back in time for four, which was our cut off. All of us have blisters on our feet as a result (made Theo wear sandals as his sneakers smelled so bad). During the rush, we passed a homeless shelter. A guy outside started singing "I believe I can fly"...badly...and as we passed, he changed the line to say, "I can see all the crackers in the sky..."


Arrived in Greensboro, NC at eleven. Theo is excited because this is where Orson Scott Card lives.

Our hotel is huge, and just as we were checking in, an Amway convention had just ended. As a result, there was a huge waiting line to get into the elevator. We finally crammed into an elevator with ten really inebriated  Amway people, including two Amish reps, who wore pretty little blue bonnets. As they exited, one of their friends called out, "Everyone off at the Amish floor!" They all found that hysterical.

Ashes had trouble sleeping last night. She kept complaining that she saw a shadow crouched in the corner of the room. And around the bathroom door, she said she saw a face peeking out at one point out of the corner of her eye, really quickly. 

The odd thing is (and I haven't told her this yet), Corb felt something in the room, too. As he was in the bathroom, he felt a presence, like someone was hanging outside the door, and thought that one of us was waiting to get in. When he opened up the door, however, no one was there.

As a result, I didn't sleep much. Ashes was having trouble sleeping, and kept talking to me, asking me to stay awake with her. Driving should be fun today, and we have five more hours...

Have to go pop a blister on Ashes' foot...will write more later.


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