Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Grabbing the mike.

Last night we moved into the Congo Hall for rehearsals, which gives us a bigger space to rehearse the play. We need it, because we've started running through the play from beginning to end.

One benefit: my bud Matt handed me a microphone, so I could scream out instructions to everyone. It's super handy to have around!

About ten minutes into rehearsal, Corb posted a message to Matt on Facebook: "Why did you give that man a microphone?"

"Sorry," Matt wrote back. "He asked me nice."

"He's like a siren tricking sailors to fall off the side of a ship to drown! Do not fall for the charm!" Corb wrote back. "Now he's going want one at home."

Well, now that you mention it...


While I have the microphone, though, I do have something I want to talk about. Is anyone else getting really irritated with friends who use Foursquare on Facebook?

I mean, do I really give two shits that you were shopping at the local Stop & Grab about an hour ago?

No, as much as I may adore you; no, not really. No. Just, no.

Maybe it's because I'm more into the narrative of a person's life. You know, how they view the life they're living, as opposed to the mundane details, like "I'm at Taco Bell!" Really? Wow.

Even just a scribbled line or two says something to me about a person, about what they're thinking, about what's inside their head. Where they're at every fifteen minutes tells me nothing. Well, except for the fact that most people have appalling taste in retail establishments.

I don't really need to know that. I could already tell.

Today I made the decision to hide all those stupid Foursquare updates. I consigned them to the dustbin in my Facebook, right along with Farmville requests and daily anti-Obama rants from some of my more rabid right wing conservative friends. Right where they belong: "Blowhole is at Pinky's House of Armpit Waxing" next to "Wang Man wants to give you a purple cow" next to "Where's the anger? Obama killed off Osama because he knew the truth about how he faked his birth certificate!"

That's right, guys, my Facebook is now a Foursquare-free zone! You've been warned. Save it for Twitter, where that sort of thing belongs.

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