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Odds and Sods, Chapter 1812

So, I'm thinking of finally biting the bullet and selling off some of my thousands of comic books through eBay. Might be worth it to make a few bucks off them.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I have one friend who's been selling her husband's stuff on eBay for years now, and she seems pretty happy with the process. I have a call out to her, but does anyone have any tips they could share? Especially if you've ever sold comics through eBay. Things like grading the quality of the comics and packaging would be greatly appreciated.


"What gets you excited about directing?"

Last night I had dinner with one of my favorite performers from Fiddler, Brendan the Pugmaster. Brendan had managed to turn one of the smaller roles in the show into a tiny gem of a performance, all sparkling and dark. Above all, he had a positive attitude that never failed to lift me up, even on those days when I felt like strangling kittens.

The Pugmaster had invited me to dinner to talk about the latest show he's auditioning for, but also, I think, to catch up and chew over the whole Fiddler experience. Even a few months old, it's still a topic that amuses me to no end, and getting Bren's positive outlook on things was refreshing.

"When I was younger it used to be about control," I said, honestly, after thinking about his question. "But nowadays, I think it's more about collaboration. The people that you work with who work with you to see the show come to life. That's what brings me back for more."

Directing is such a different experience than writing. Writing can involve feedback, but it never truly involves collaboration. Writing is a solitary sport, directing is anything but solitary. Both involve control, to a certain extent, but the goal of directing is to relinquish control, eventually. With writing, the power is absolute.

If I were forced to make a choice between the two, I supposed I'd choose writing over directing. You can call me a control freak, but it cuts deeper than that. Putting words down and expressing myself is something I can't NOT do. I suppose I'll be doing it until I'm 105...and yes, I fully intend to still be around when I'm 105.

What makes me feel the most satisfied? There's no greater feeling than reaching the final chapter of something you've completed, that's completely of your making. Even if it takes five thousand revisions to get to that finish line.


Sure enough, my sister Kerrie wrote to me at around eight last night, after reading yesterday's story about the first day of school.

"Dad called me a few hours ago and sang to me," she wrote. Aha! I knew there would be singing involved on the first day of school. I know that man too well.

"He called me from the waterfront of Maine," she wrote. "With no kids in sight, or teachers nagging him, or MCAS scores looming. I think he'll be just fine!" Well, she has a point there, I suppose.

And then my teacher sis finished her note with the following: "You should wish ME luck, though...I still have 18 more years of the song!"

Personally, I hope she hears it for many, many years beyond that.
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