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Saturday night, because Corb's stomach has been feeling a bit better lately, we decided to chance it, and ended up going to Providence, eating at a restaurant called The Melting Pot , which is actually part of a chain that has 129 locations across the country.

It's my fault,, not that it's a chain, but that we ate there. I knew it was billed as "the country's premiere fondue franchise." (Are there really OTHER fondue franchises out there?) And, when I think fondue, I think cheese, and also, chocolate fondue. Cheese and chocolate fondue are two things that I really like. A LOT.

So, I had whined...well, a bit...about going. And finally, possibly because he hasn't eaten solid food for over three weeks and was up for anything, he said yes. Even it I had suggested the fabulous French delicacy merde on cardboard, I think he would have said yes.

Famous last words. Even though his stomach's improving, I don't think he was bargaining on what happened next.

A three hour meal. No word of a lie.

See, what we didn't know at the time was that we were committing ourselves to a four course dinner. A very, very leisurely four course dinner.

We started off with a cheese fondue, cooked on a small stove at our table, followed by salad. The main course followed, which basically required us to dip pieces of raw meat (such as lobster tail, filet mignon, shrimp, and pork tenderloin) into a pot of boiling, seasoned water for about three minutes at a time. Then, apply seasoning and devour. It was fun and tasty. That is, if you're into dipping pieces of raw meat into boiling water.

The final course was a chocolate fondue dessert. And boy, was that worth it. We ended up having a mixture of dark and white chocolate, and dipped a plateful of delicious sweets into the bowl...marshmellow, strawberries, and even a slice of cheesecake. Divine.

What was interesting about the experience is that it was so clearly designed for couples. All around us, men and women were coupling, sipping wine and holding hands. Kissing, every now and then.

Sometimes I get a little jealous of that. Even if Corb were into public displays of affection, Providence is still not New York. There are times and places, and Corb would definitely not have felt comfortable had I reached to hold his hand. And honestly, I don't think it would have been that big a deal, really, not in this place. The waiters, certainly, would have been down with it.

After a three hour meal and two martinis, I was feeling no pain. Corb, on the other hand, was clearly feeling the effects of having had such an extreme re-introduction into the world of food. He made me drive the car home from Providence like we were in the Indy 500, and then stayed in the bathroom for almost as long as our meal.

The next day, I stared at my remains in the toilet, and they looked like burnt chili. I wondered, was that normal?

If that's what my remains looked like, the I pity poor Corb's stomach. It must have been like a fiesta in there.

But on the plus side this week, Corb did finally learn what's going on. The doctor called him on Tuesday with the results. Turns out he's had an extremely rare bacteria wiggling around in his stomach, which he most likely picked up because of his oral surgery a few weeks ago. Most people only get it in tiny batches, but Corb has it in huge amounts. So, he's been ordered to take an antibiotic, and hopefully, that should take care of things.

Oh! And as for the winner of the Disney contestinner, it has to be seigeengine, who responded as follows:

GW Bush!
Country Bear jamboree?
jungle cruise?
Splash mountain with the carrots, I think
that sign looks familiar... I don't know though.
Buzz lightyear ride?
um... mr toads wild ride?

At least, I think those were his answers. He may have been making like Sarah Palin during her farewell speech and reciting poetry. Anyway, he had three of them right, so: congratulations, Frank!
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