Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Childish things.

You know, I really am a kid at heart. And not in the Robert Bloch, "I have the heart of a small child...I keep it in a jar by my desk" sort of way, either.

Yesterday, Corb and I went to his brother's house for a birthday party for his kids. Scott has twin daughters, aged eight, and a ten-year-old son. They all know me as "Teddy," and I swear they think of me like a cartoon character, almost. Whenever I'm around them, they always want me to do silly things, like place birthday bows on my head and keep them there, or chase them around the pool. I'm hyper, goofy, and can keep them entertained for hours.

Then again, I've always been good with kids that age. When my kids were in their single digits, I was always the one that made up the games and played with them. With Annie, I'd play Barbie dolls for hours. We had an ongoing soap opera, about Lucy and Ken. Lucy was an All American teenaged actress-slash-vampire, and Ken was her boyfriend. We even had a theme song.

One of the favorite games for all the kids was Wolfie. Wolfie was a variation on the Big Bad Wolf, except he had a wife, Wolfina, played by Josie. Wolfina would keep Wolfie in line, because all Wolfie wanted to do was to gobble up small children. Wolfie would always get close, but Wolfina would always come in and rescue the kids at the last minute.

Even as a kid myself, I was good with kids. Perhaps I should have been a teacher, because I've always had a knack for telling stories or assuming silly characters that made kids laugh. There's a need for people like that, I think...most adults are simply too busy doing adult-like things to really step out of the zone they've created and see things through the eyes of a child.

Of course, kids become teen-agers. That's where I'm not quite as good. Both of my youngest kids are in that mode where they question everything, and think Dad's the biggest moron.

Even so, I'm always grateful when we can have moments to connect. Like this past Friday, for example. Ashes has gotten into creating videos in a big way, and has been setting up collab channels on YouTube, all around Twilight and Harry Potter. However, she's not as good at creating the actual movies, so Dad still comes in handy. We worked on her latest video until around one in the morning.

As a matter of fact, I see a lot of me in Ashes. She's also spending a lot of time writing lately, and really, her stories are quite good. She has a wicked sense of humor, and a style for description. I love to listen to her read me stories, and when she uses a good turn of phrase, and I just sit there and marvel.

It's nice to see some of the things I love reflected in my kids. Especially when it comes to imagination. A vivid imagination is something that really sets people apart, I think. With that, you have the potential to truly rule the world. Of course, it also makes you different, but that's a Pandora's box that I'd gladly accept.
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