Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

One Fine Day (Caution: half-nekkid joggers!)

As promised, here are some of the highlights from my trip to Washington DC this past week-end...Happy halloween, everyone. Hope you don't get bit on the ass by a ghoul!

First off, let me get all the monument stuff out of the way! We took these on Sunday, which was my day off from working. Basically, we spent the whole day walking, from the Capitol building to the Lincoln Memorial, then on to the White House.

We walked for about seven hours straight, but I have to say, it was an incredibly enjoyable experience. In fact, I think it was one of my favorite days this year. The weather was perfect--not too hot, not too cold, and there was so much to see!

Including...well, sights such as this:

Not bad, eh? Almost makes up for the fact that of course I didn't see anyone like Bill Clinton...or even David Gergen, who I currently have a man-crush on. But there were a ton of men in shorts without shirts on, because there was a race for leukemia taking place, all morning long. That was probably a better deal, frankly...and now you know why I had such a big smile on my face in front of the White House!

Of course, we traveled to the Smithsonian, although given everything else we did, our trip was pretty much limited to the Aviation exhibits. We do sit in on one IMAX presentation on colliding objects that made me scared of what will happen to the world in the next gazillion years. I actually do worry about these things, you know.

The Lincoln Memorial was way cool. I've never been there, before! It's a sobering reminder of how far astray Republicans have gone in the past one hundred years.

I think my favorite part of the trip was the break we took by the White House. After five hours of walking, we stopped at a coffee house, bought something to drink, and collpased into comfy chairs by a fireplace. I didn't want to leave!

The first time I traveled to Washington DC, I was a freshman in high school, playing in the Apple Blossom Festival. This photo kind of reminds of that. This band was playing during the race, as entertainment, I guess. The kid playing the clarinet would have been me...such a geek, I was. The girl playing the saxophone would have been my best friend, Joyce.

By the end of the day, at around five in the afternoon, we were ready to pack it in. That's when I took my favorite photo...of Corb...located right near where we parked. That was a scary experience, actually, because when we drove in, because of the race, we were told to park anywhere...but by the time we were done, the race was long over. We arrived at our car, and there was a police car with lights on, stopped right next to it. We were sure that we had a ticket, but as it turns out, they were actually trying to bag someone!
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