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Exorcising the tongue.

Martinis at Patio American Grill and Cocktail Bar in Provincetown, this past Saturday

Things Unsaid.
That's a pomegranate cosmo that you're staring at in the top photo. It was sprinkled with hot pepper seeds, so that you'd have a spicy tingle after every sip, which I kind of liked.

We headed off to Provincetown after the family reunion. Corb said we were only going to stay at the reunion about an hour and leave, but we actually lingered until five, about when it ended. I kind of figured that was going to be the case. Still, I couldn't wait to head off to Provincetown, and tried my hardest not to let my impatience show.

We arrived there at around eight at night, just in time for supper. We chose our favorite restaurant, the Patio, which I enjoy mostly for the creative drinks and view of the people passing by, since it's open air.

It's not on the online menu, but I had lobster mac and cheese for supper. Corb chose pork loin, and explained to me for the hundreth time what a "reduction" is. Don't worry, I'll forget what it means once again, about two weeks from now.

Dinner conversation at the table next two us, which featured one man and his fag, I mean, gal pals, centered around a game of, "Who would you do?" The conversation was conducted loudly, fall all to hear, but fortunately, it fell about deaf ears at our table. We were too busy talking about...

"David says that I'm forbidden to use the word 'remember' at work," I said. "He says that I say it in a condescending way."

"Oh my god, you DO!" replied Corb. "You get that tone in your voice!" And of course, he decided to imitate me. "'Remember, Corb, you told me that you weren't going to leave your shoes on the floor after work.' It drives me crazy!"

"The top ten things Ted says that drives Corb crazy," " I repeated, and decided it was time for another sip of my martini. "And the first one is, 'Remember.' What else is on the list?"

Corb smiled. "I hate it when you say, 'I don't want to get you upset, but...' The minute you say that, I'm upset before you even tell me."

"It's because I KNOW the things that drive you nuts!" I laughed. "I'm just trying to give you a kind of 'Danger, Will Robinson' warning. So that maybe...just won't fly off the handle. But of course, you always do."

"Because it's so annoying!" he said. "Maybe I wouldn't get upset if you didn't say it all the time. You ever think of that?"

"So you're saying, I should just blurt things out? 'Hey Corb, I just accidentally fed the cats rat poison. Sorry!'"

"Ted, I hate to tell you this, but if you ever fed the cats rat poison, no amount of preparing me is going to help."

"I guess everyone has little quirks that drive their significant others crazy," I mused, and took another sip of my martini, enjoying the buzz that I was accumulating. "Like, when you refuse to give me a serious answer, even when you know that I really want one."

"Oh, that's another thing that I want to add to the list!" Corb exclaimed. "The whole, 'I know you're not going to give me a serious answer, but' thing!"

Sigh. I guess, after five years of living together, there's invariably going to be a list of 'ten things you can't say on television.' Well, make that SHOULDN'T say. Because no matter how hard you try, it's about as hard to exorcise certain phrases from your vocabulary as it was to drive the demon out of Linda Blair.

Maybe even harder.

Family reunion
"I'm nervous about this," said Corb, as we drove around Goodwill Park in Falmouth, trying to find the location of his family reunion.

"Don't be," I said, just as much to myself as to Corb. "Think of it like jumping into a cold pool. The hardest part is tightening your stomach muscles and actually jumping in. After that, it's easy."

Corb, as I've mentioned, doesn't visit his father's side of the family that much. His father passed away when he was a teen-ager, and by that point, had been divorced from Corb's mother for a few years. He had been an abusive man, and Corb didn't see him much after the divorce, after he moved back to the Cape. However, his brother Greg, as these things go, who was the middle child and had the streak of the rebel in him, had worshipped the man, and ran away from home to be with him. Corb, being the youngest and the closest to his mother, only saw him on certain week-ends.

Thankfully, Corb's oldest brother Scott did go to the reunion. Greg, who no one has seen for about a year, was nowhere to be found.

Conversations with people who only knew you before you reached puberty are interesting, I think. Well, interesting in the sense that they're stilted. Everyone was nice enough, but the basic conversation with each and every person at the reunion went as follows: "It's so great that you showed up!" "You've really gotten a lot bigger since we last saw you." "Where's Greg?" And finally, "We have to do this more often!"

Still, the park was beautiful and there was lots of cheesecake. I wish I had known about Goodwill Park when I was a kid. They have a nice freshwater pond there, and a beach area that includes a large tree that have ropes hanging down from it, where kids can swing and jump into the water.

I would have absolutely loved to have grabbed a hold of that rope.

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