Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Praying for a fabulous opening night...

So, how's the show going? Well, tomorrow night is opening night, and we had our first preview performance last evening. There are still pacing issues that need to be worked out through practice, and a few costume/sound glitches took place last night, but I like the changes I made to the show, and if the group can kick it up a notch, I'll be satisfied!

In fact, I wish I had changed even more. I sorely wish I had been able to use "Take Me Back to Manhattan," and have Erma sing it as a neurotic New Yorker desperate to jump off the ship and return to her concrete jungle. That would have been hysterical.

The pulse is good in the cst...tired, but pleased with their work. The audience was quiet last night, but they were mostly older--it was a free veteran's performance, and there were a few disabled people in the audience. They reacted very strongly to "Blow Gabriele," where I have an old lady in a wheelchair suddenly "find salvation" and jump out, doing a cartwheel. People always respond best to things that come closest to home.

Anyway, more photos underneath...I threw some beefcake in..more to come...

Erma has a way of coaxing men to take clothing off... /b>

Billy and Reno in "You're the Top"

Mr. Whitney and Moon in a serious revision of the "eyeglasses" scene
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