Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Gimme more Britney?

I notice that Britney's trying to finally jump start her career and actually put out music, again. And now, she's set to open at the VMA awards, where she made out with Madonna, a few years ago.

Corb, who's a secret Britney fan, thinks that people have been unfair to her, and thinks that now that she's on the comeback trail, people will adore her again.

I take a more jaded view, frankly, and absolutely eat up all the tabloid stores of her stealing dresses at photo shoots and partying all night, while her children lay awake at home, lonely and unloved. And, I've really only liked one Britney Spears song ever--"Toxic," which was at the end of the first wave of her career. However, if I were forced up against a wall and threatened with the prospect of servicing Larry Craig, I'd have to admit that I *gulp* like "Gimme More."

I can't imagine the rest of the forthcoming CD is any good, however. What do you think?
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