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Yes! Hell yes, I'm still around.

Last week, my goal was to post one entry every morning on Live Journal, partly because I had a lot to say about my trip to visit Psychic Sue, and also, partly because I was setting myself up for a promise: if I could devote that much dedication to LJ last week, I'd set myself the goal of dedicating that much effort to The Late Night Show this week.

So, I'm only allowing myself the luxury of posting to LJ once I've completed my Late Night writing goals, this week. Which means, no funny little Ted and Corb stories (sorry!) today; only perfectly meaningless random observations on American Idol. (Spoiler warnings, Mousey!)

First off, what the hell was Paula wearing last night? Who in God's name did her hair? It looked as though Holly Hobby threw up all over her. I'm not exactly sure what look she was going for, but there aint no way her milkshake was going to bring the boys over to any yard she was in, looking the way she did. I'd head the hell over to a cow pasture, instead.

My basic feeling tonight was one of boredom. None of these guys were very good, in my opinion. Some were competent, I suppose, but they really did nothing to excite me. Yawn. Peel me a grape, would you?

And why is it that everyone boos Simon before he opens his mouth? He practically always says something that's spot on. The other two are practically useless, because they rarely have anything interesting or constructive to say.

Here are my notes: you'll note that some echo what was said on the show, but I swear, I wrote them before I heard any of the judges' comments.

Paul Kim: I felt as though I were listening to karaoke.

Brandon wasn't bad, but I only caught him in the wrap-up. Corb and I were eating Mexican before that.

Sundance deserves a sunset.

Chris Richardson is cute, but he sounded and looked like a little kid dressed up in his daddy's clothing.

Nick Pedro is from Taunton, MA, which is quite close to where I live. I swear I've seen this guy on before. He was pretty decent. Had a pleasant voice. Yawn.

Blake Lewis: Bottom's up!

Sanjaya looks like an Indian George Michael. That is, an Indian George Michael without charisma. Forget "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go," just Wake Me Up, because you're putting me to sleep! Every time he sang, "I don't want to bore you," Corb and I shouted out, "Too late!"

Chris Sligh: I have to make a confession. I just don't like this guy. I really can't help myself. I just find him...well, annoying. He reminds me of the fat girl dressed up as a bumblebee in that Blind Melon video. I was half expecting him to sing a song about a ham sandwich. Instead, he just kind of mumbled through...something. I mean, he sang decently, I guess, but all I could think of during his song was, "Violet! You're turning violet, Violet!" And then, at the end of the song, the lights actually turned purple, and he turned violet, Violet! Hoo boy. Somebody bring out the Oompa Loopas.

Jared: Pleasant voice, but BORING!

AJ Tabaldo: Luther Vandross lite. Which is not going to keep me awake at night. He did sing an up-tempo song, but just barely. I think the little old ladies may have been tapping their walkers along to the music.

Phil looks like a lizard, and his beginning was abysmal, but then the song kicked in and he did the best job of the evening, from what I can see.

Even so, the night was barely a two out of ten. Simon and Ryan tried to keep a pulse going by bickering. I hope the girls are better!

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