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This is all very strange

Now that I've been writing for a while I want to start adding on friends, which Josie showed me how to do. So I'm starting to search around to try and find people with similar interests. So I'm sitting her searching around at eleven at night with Josie and Annie sitting on the couch watching Dragonfly and Ashley and Tigger breezing in and out from the other room. Which makes it extremely hard to concentrate or focus, and also nerve wracking in terms of what I may be reading. I may have to put this off, but I also want to find people out there who could talk about things with me.

Josie sometimes walks by and I minimize the screen. She says, "I thought we were going to be open." Well, yes, but it's all very hard to accept, it just feels odd. I need to feel more comfortable myself. But the fact that she isn't freaking out makes me love her any more.

Went to marriage counseling the other night. Our first time. Is it possible to stay together and still accept being gay?
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