Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Last night, I finally started on my goal of watching a boxed set of a series straight through, to celebrate the end of the play. I chose the first season of 24, which I've had for about five years. I started when I was still living in the homestead, and have never been able to finish, despite two or three tries. I always get to the third of fourth episode, where Keifer Sutherland's daughter is playing a deadly game of hide and seek from two teen-aged goons, and then...(insert dramatic music)...something comes up.

Something came up last night, after two episodes. Thunder and lightning. And, hail. It was a terrific, moody storm, and it left us without power in the apartment. Corb and I were left in the dark for about an hour. We ended up playing charades. I had a lot of fun with "Rumpelstiltskin."

In other news, the apartment is almost moving back to normal. I'm almost there. One huge pile of clothes is done and almost folded, although I have another huge pile where that came from. The bills are all paid and I only have two more account statements to balance before I actually know how much money I don't have. And, there's actually real food in the fridge.

Once I'm at the point I want to be at, my goal is to crack open either Amelia or Late Night. It's time to bring some closure to both, and rather than hibernating, as I did for two months last year after "Oklahoma," I want to dig right in.

Last night, Josie called me to wish me Happy Anniversary. Fourteen years ago yesterday, we were married. We always celebrate by going out to eat together, and made a promise to do something in the near future. It's kind of weird, doing something to celebrate when we both have someone else. However, I think it's important. There are some things you just have to remember. Even when we're finally divorced, I expect we'll still observe it, in some way.
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