Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

In glancing through the news today, I notice that Lestat finally opened on Broadway...and looks completely dreadful. USA Today's reviewer wrote, "There's no love like a mother's love, especially if your mom happens to be a vampire. Unless, that is, you have two fathers among the living dead. Those are just a couple of the twists on family values that threaten to make Lestat ... the religious right's worst nightmare."

Well, there's nothing wrong with all. However, I'm not really sure how you can pull it off...and it appears, I'm not the only one. Other critics called it "bloody awful," "sucked of life" and the "kiss of death."

I've always wanted to see a really bad Broadway musical. Perhaps this will be my chance.

Last night, Theo and I went for a walk. He's a great taskmaster. Had me running for a lap, then jogging, then walking. He mixed things up well, and it was fun, just to hang with him.

Feeling a bit better, now that I've finished the blocking. Less tired. Still haven't found a replacement for my third suitor though, and that's got my stomach in knots. I hope we find an appropriate replacement, soon. The show's too good to suffer because of just one person. We've put way too much work into this!
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