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Snapshots from Green Victoria

Nine years ago today...

Listen! You'll hear the sound of two proud parents...

tedwords: Tiger will have such a special birthday party tomorrow--cat stew for dinner!
ljinsomnia: yup....he's a very lucky boy! 9 years ago 3 hours from now we were enduring a living hell in the hospital...seems like just yesterday huh?
tedwords: That it does, dear. It was a very scary time for me...watching you suffer so much. I was really, really scared. But he's been such a joy since the day he arrived home! Does it make all that pain worth it? :)
ljinsomnia: Absolutely - I'd endure it every day if I had to, to have him in our lives.
tedwords: I was worth all the pain you had to endure! *grin*

To say that Tiger's was a difficult birth would be an understatement.

Through the entire pregnancy, Josie suffered from respiratory difficulties. So many nights I spent in our bedroom, listening to her on the toilet, alternatively throwing up and gasping for breath. I would sit in bed and cringe, wishing there was something I could do.

Two times, she was hospitalized for a week at a time--the week of Halloween and Christmas. The girls were so nervous this entire time, especially Ashes, who was quite young and really couldn't understand what was going on to her mom.

The week of Christmas, I decided that I had to do something. It had to be my fault for being a bad person, I was convinced of it. I went into my closet, where I kept all my "bad" pornography, and I cut all of it up into tiny little pieces, and threw it all away. I stayed up until four in the morning, cutting away. I promised God that I would never be sinful again, if only Josie would make it through, with our son.

About three weeks (give or take) before the due date, Josie was told by the doctors that they were going to gave to induce her, because Tiger wasn't thriving inside her. They admitted her into Women and Children's Hospital and started pumping her with baby steroids to get his lungs to develop.

The next night, they start inducing. And a few hours later, they realized that there was a problem: Tiger's umbilical cord was prolapsed--resting underneath his body.

At that point, the doctors called "Code Red." The room was suddenly swarming with doctors, and I was left to watch them gather around Josie and hurry her to Emergency surgery, for a C-section.

They decided to give her an epidural, but the nurse couldn't get the job done. Josie was injected twenty times before she finally got it right.

I was told to go home, because there was nothing I could do. I certainly wasn't allowed into the emergency room. I remember sitting alone in a small waiting room, crying hysterically, hoping that everything was going to be okay, praying to the gods above, feeling totally helpless.

Josie never quite forgave me for driving home and sleeping in my bed, but honestly, I wasn't sure what else to do. I learned that she was okay and sleeping, and I could see the baby but briefly, and was told that there was really nothing I could do. Obediently, I drove home, but woke up early to back with my lady and our son.

Really, for such a difficult birth, Tiger hasn't really given us a day's worry since his birth. I think I go through this story every year, but it's worth it. I was so apprehensive about having a boy, not knowing what to do or how to handle him, but he's really been such a ray of light in all our lives.

Today we celebrate with a birthday party at the homestead, and tomorrow, it's a sleepover at Corb's hotel. Someone remind me: why did I agree to looking after three boys?
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