Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Joannie called Corb with the news this morning. Stormy's going to be put to sleep later today.

There's been an exceptionally cold spell here in New England, and I'm certain that the single digit weather had something to do with it. But these past few days, Stormy has been in a tremendous amount of pain. Joanie's been trying to help her with medication, but this morning, when Stormy woke up, it was clear that something was seriously wrong.

I'm so grateful that Corb and I went to visit Joannie a few weeks ago. Although Corb was concerned that Stormy didn't recognize him, I think she looked thrilled to see him, and she fell asleep by his side as we talked through the night.

It's been quite an adventure with Stormy this year, but I know that in her last days she was well taken care of, and now, she's in a better space.

I love you, sweetie.
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