Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

The NEWER adventures of Jizzy the cat...

Well, we REALLY did it this, seriously, I'm not lying this time...Corb and I up and picked out a new furry friend to live with us in the apartment that we like to call our little slice of heaven in a slightly depressed industrial zone.

Want to see what he looks like?

Isn't he adorable? I tell you, I think I had a dream about having a kitty just like this, just the other day. And now, here he is, in our apartment, curled up in a kitty carrier, giving us the eye.

Okay, okay, maybe that's not exactly what he looks like. He's actually quite a handsome little guy...and no, we still don't have any ideas what to name him.

Corb and Tiger went to pick him up last night, as I was driving home from work. As I got off my exit, I noticed a police car and what looked like a bonfire to my left. Driving closer, I realized that it was a car fire. The entire car was engulfed in flames. I had an urge to take out my camera, but couldn't figure out how I could do it safely. At that point, my cell phone rang.

"Well, we have him," he said. "The cat lady made us fill out a hundred forms, and thinks we have a big dog cage at the apartment where he's going to live for two weeks, but we're on our way home."

He pretty much spent the first night inside his kitty carrier. Today, he's been a bit more active, and meowing up a storm, but right now, he's laying in the closet in the big bedroom. He never seems to get anxious or angry, and allows us to pet him all we want. Ashes is standing guard outside the closet, sitting on my purple exercise ball with her thumb in her mouth (that doesn't sound very cat like, does it? *grin*)

There have been two instances where he's crawled under the bed and made really scared cat noises, but for the most part, he's been fine. I think by the end of the week, he'll have made the place his own.


This morning, I had a really vivid dream about my sister Laurie. For some reason, she had moved back to Eldredge with her partner, and they had a beautiful house right in the center of town. Corb and I went over to visit with the kids, and it was quite obvious that we weren't welcome. We stuck around for a while, but in the middle of a visit, two guys came to visit, and sat on the couch next to us. They wore dark bubble jackets and slouched in their chairs with heads down. They didn't talk or anything, and it was pretty obvious that they were there to get some drugs.

It's funny how some dreams can leave you with a lingering feeling. This one left me with the feeling of that angry, smoky indifference that was just the way Laurie was in high school. It always leaves me feeling a bit lonely.

Other cat photos, kept separate, so you don't HAVE to look at them

In his carrier...

Cuddling with the guys

In the closet (this is where Thummy used to crawl into a hole to visit Sasha...maybe he's looking to visit, too?) you've had a chance to see what he looks like...any thoughts on a name? We're still totally stumped!
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