Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

This past week-end in some ways seemed for family-oriented than Christmas.

Saturday we celebrated the birthday or Corb's grandmother, and Sunday, I took off with my sister and the kids to celebrate my Mom and Dad's birthdays.

The grandma party was handled by Corb's mother, and she finally seems to have mended fences with Corb (Stormy, incidentally, is doing very well at Joannie's. We just received a report the other day that she's having a ball.) I spent most of the time being attacked by Corb's nieces and nephew, and having Corb's sister-in-law Tina cluck over my cholesterol. Corb and I even hung around for a while after everyone else left to talk to his mom.

I felt bad Sunday about leaving Corb behind to go to my parents, but it was fun traveling with my sister Kerrie. We ended up exchanging presents and playing a game called Mexican Train for a few hours. The new house that my parents purchased is starting to feel like a home.

I've noticed that my brother Tommy has grown incredibly nostalgic, lately. He's actually taken up antiquing, and has been buying up things my parents used to have when we were kids. For example, he gave Kerrie a Christmas present yesterday of a metal cannister with the Saltine logo on it that Mom used to have for years (in fact, she still does--I located it in her cupboard.) Last month, he bought Dad a model of a boat with a clock set in its center that resembled one Dad used to have in his bar.

It made me sort of nostalgic, too--and if that didn't do it, the games certainly did. During the transition years, I stopped remembering how to enjoy these sorts of things--which really form the heart of who I am. I like being able to enjoy them again.

Corb, in the meantime, spent the afternoon shopping with his mom and grandmother. We all met later in the day. It was nice to come back home and see him there--at least, until he had to leave to go to work...
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