Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Today's edition of "nocompromises" is brought to you by birds...filthy, disgusting birds! Or at least, photos of birds that we took while we were visiting Niagara Falls, at the worlds largest indoor aviary (or so they say...I didn't personally measure it).

An End to the Storm
Good news! Corb just called me, and it looks as though Stormy has a place to live, for good. His friend Joannie has decided to take Stormy in permanently. Of course, being the smartest person I know, she made Corb's mother sign a contract stating that Joannie now owns Stormy, in exchange for Corb's mom making a $150 donation to a pet adoption agency run by a friend of Joannie's. Plus, the contract also says that Joannie has ultimate authority over when and if Stormy is ever put down. For Corb's part, his obligation is to go and visit Joannie more often. Or, as she put it, "Is this going to get you to come over more?"

Weekend Update
Corb and I had great fun this weekend, traveling to Boston and spending a night at the Marriott in Quincy. We spent Saturday evening at Improv Asylum and eating at our favorite restaurant in Fanueil Hall, Mccormick and Schmidt's. Sat at the bar again...this is my new obsession, sitting at the bar for supper. It just so much more immediate! You're not crammed into uncomfortable tables, don't have to wait for hours to be served or get the check. Plus, you actually get to talk to the bartender, hear stories. See the inner workings of the restaurant.

We were hanging out at the upstairs bar, which was remote and didn't get too too noisy. The bartender we spent the night with was clearly the brains of the operation. People came to her constantly looking for advice. I ordered two toasted almonds, and felt pretty toasted before the meal arrived. There's one of the downfalls of sitting at a bar--the minute your glass is drained, they take notice.

On writing
Last night at midnight, I finished my next chapter. And yes, I was able to fully visualize that room...and in so doing, I developed a much better sense regarding how my little artificial world actually works. It's funny how these things are sort of like dominos, in reverse--propr one piece up, and a whole slew of other dominos miraculously fall into place.

Also picked up a new book last night--"Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister," by Gregory Maguire. Of course, this means that I'll actually be reading it six months from now...

And croiky, here's an interesting specimen. This little fellow is called the white headed booby bird. It's a native of Lactavia, where it subsists solely on peanut shells and mother's milk. We thought he was sort of cute, and managed to sneak this six foot four odd duck out of the aviary, and across the Canadian border. Now if only we could actually toilet train the beast...he's making an awful mess in the apartment...

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