Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

"Does this get any better?" Madonna asks in the middle of her latest disc, Confessions on a Dance Floor .

Funny, I was asking myself the exact same thing, at just around the same time...and no, it didn't, really. Many years ago, Elton released a disco fiasco called Victim of Love , where one song ran into the next. I guess it was inevitable that someone else would get the same idea...with similar results...each song sounds like "Hung Up," except without the catchy ABBA riff propping it up. And one rhyming couplet in "I Love New York" ("New York" with "dork") actually made my scream out loud.

Ah, maybe it'll grow on me...

On the plus side, I also picked up Push Barman to Open Old Wounds by Belle and Sebastian. I have most of the songs, except for the stuff on "This is Just a Modern Rock Song." But what's that? Is there a new B & S album out there... The Life Pursuit .


There is a Santa, after all!
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