Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I have a nasty cut on my typing finger. This is no fun, and it's forcing me to type with my middle finger...well, actually, that's kind of neat.

I'm quite fast as a one-fingered typist, believe it or not, even if I'm just typing with my middle finger. It's a trait that I picked up from my dad, and a trick that people love to watch. I usually average around 50 words per minute.

Anyway, Niagara Falls was great fun, although the entire week-end was mired in pet-related issues. Josie, who has been living in a menagerie for months, with two dogs and three cats, finally decided that enough was enough, and asked that Corb's dog Stormy go back to Corb's mom, which made a certain amount of sense, because Josie only agreed to take in Stormy temporarily, because Corb's mom had told Corb that she was being forced out of her house. This never happened, but after that crisis had ended, his mom never called to ask for Stormy back, but expected that she was gone for good.

So, Friday, as we dropped off Stormy for the week-end, right before vacation, Corb's mom totally freaked out on us, and told Corb that because Stormy was having problems peeing and pooing with Josie, she clearly had to be put to sleep, and that "we" (meaning Corb) had to deal with it, immediately. I suggested that maybe the solution was to have Stormy go to a vet, but she said she didn't have the money for that, and that it wasn't worth it.

It gets worse. On Saturday, at around nine, while we were in Niagara Falls, Tiger suddenly became homesick, saying that he really missed Prince. Turns out, at around the exact same time, Josie's friend Michael, who was looking after the homestead for the week-end, because Josie was traveling to Maine, actually lost Prince, and spent the entire evening looking for him, without success.

So, when we came home, at three in the morning Sunday night, we returned to the states knowing that Prince had been missing for 24 hours, and Stormy was in very unsafe hands.

Which meant that yesterday was spent searching for Prince and trying to find a home for Stormy. I spent much of yesterday afternoon calling shelters and searching the neighborhood, and finally, in the afternoon, I received a call that he had been picked up at a shelter.

Corb, on the other hand, did not fare so well. Despite finding temporary housing and scheduling a vet appointment (which we're paying for ourselves), his mother had actually told him that he had betrayed her and was going to disown him. I've never actually heard anyone say something like that in real life!!!

Last night, we went out to dinner and treated ourselves to two rounds of very alchoholic drinks. We went to bed very silly, and very snuggly, since we had not really been affectionate for the entire trip. It was worth the wait!

This morning, Corb's mom has called him four times. The last time, she hung up on him and threatened to tie Stormy to a post outside our apartment complex. We'll see what happens next...
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