Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Very tired and sad right now.

I'll post more details later, because for once in my life, I'm not in much of a descriptive mood, but last night we returned home from a great evening at the haunted farm Annie works at, in a really great mood.

And we opened the door to the apartment and immediately knew something was up. "Where's Thumbkin?" asked Corb, because he didn't come to greet us, as he usually does, by running up and jumping onto the end table by the couch.

Ashes founded him first, laying stiff underneath the armchair. She thought he was sleeping at first, but Corb knew instantly, and started freaking out.

Anyway, there'll be no more adventures of askthumbkin, unfortunately. My little guy passed away last night. We're not certain what happened, but we're all just terribly sad, and it was a long, long night, involving a lot of angst. He was way too young for this to happen, and we have no idea what happened.

As I said, I'll post more later. Just trying to get through the morning, right now.
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