Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

My Katrina rant for tonight

I'm finding myself obsessed with coverage about Hurricane Katrina. At home, I drive down the highway with AM radio blaring. And I think that more than a few of us out there can totally relate to the brave man who dropped the F bomb on the vice president this afternoon.

I mean, is it me? The Canadian Mounties arrive in New Orleans before our National Guard does? We have an administration more concerned about deploying our soldiers to the Gulf War rather than the Gulf Coast?
The Red Cross has their act together more than FEMA when it comes to issuing credit card debits? A former first lady claiming that things worked out marvelously for the people who survived Katrina? The president's first speech after this disaster contains references about bygone days where he did "too much partying" in New Orleans? The director of FEMA is known as "Brownie"?

And what's going on when Hurricane Katrina is ripping through the Gulf Coast? Bush is vacationing in Texas and attending baseball games? Cheney's taking it easy in Wyoming? Condie's buying shoes and taking in Broadway shows? Does anyone remember Marie Antoinette and "let them eat cake"? Hello? Hello?

And, call me foolish, but all I can think is, why can't we have a real president on the job, someone up to the task, someone who, love him or hate him, would get things done, get the nation focused?

And by that, of course, I mean, Clinton. There's NO WAY that Clinton would have been vacationing during all of this, not for a minute. I have no doubt that he would have rolled up his sleeves and been working tirelessly to get these people the aid they so desperately need. And, he would have found the words to unite this nation--not necessarily around him, but around the task that needed to be done. And he would never, never have rejected foreign aid, claiming, "we're tough, we can take care of ourselves."

I can only hope that people actually remember all this just one short year from now. But of course, people's memories are entirely too short.
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