Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I'm beginning to think that I have an unhealthy obsession with the Gilmore Girls . I mean, how gay is this? We just finished watching Season One, and I had to race to Target to pick up the second season. But, I like the writing, especially the dialog. Snappy exchanges always get my mojo going.

Today was, as I suspected, not much fun. Shopping for school clothes as a single dad is sheer MISERY. While I was shopping for Tiger, Ashley was freaking out, and while I was shopping for Ashley, Tiger was freaking out. At least, when I shop for my boy, I have some connection, but shopping for girls is totally alien to me. My girl holds things up and my eyes start to glaze over. "How's this, daddy?" "Ummm...duh?" Plus, Ashley is so dead set on going to certain places. It took us all of three stores before she finally went to a place that had stuff she actually liked.

There was one lady in Old Navy who took pity on me and spent fifteen minutes telling me what Ash's sizes are and what types of things I should be looking for. She must have noticed the bewildered look on my face.

Anyway, I arrived home at 8:30 $300 poorer and exhausted. Corb had to sleep before he went to work at 11, and I did some stuff, and then crawled into bed next to him, just so I could feel him by my side. I was reading a slightly existential article in the New Yorker about green burial facilities. Needless to say, I was asleep in fifteen minutes.

I woke up at 10:30, with my head feeling like it had wads of cotton shoved into it. The clock in our bedroom wasn't showing the right time, due to a power outage, and it wasn't until quarter of that I realized that Corb was going to be late to work. HOLY SHIT! I pushed him away and he flew out the door.

Still feeling totally like crap, I wandered around the apartment like a zombie. I couldn't stand feeling so disoriented, so finally I did about fifteen minutes of exercise to clear my head out.

And here I am, finally awake at 12:39, and talking to Corb on AIM. He was only ten minutes late. Not sure whether I should go to bed or just turn on the TV. One thing's for sure, I'm just not sleepy right now.
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