Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Weekend Update

As I prepare for vacation next week, I find that I'm not only wrapping up things at work, but at home. Monday we close on the refinancing, and both of us are happy about the payoff--it'll allow us to close up a lot of unfinished financial business. We found out how much we were getting on Josie's birthday, which made for a cool birthday present, I thought.

Also finished playing Paper Mario Saturday with Tiger. Only took us seven months. Stayed up until three in the morning finding enough materials, with Tiger asleep next to me, so that when we woke up in the morning, it was an easy to kill. Only, I don't get the head of Bowser to hang on my wall. Also finished Season One of Angel with the kids. I liked it almost as much as Buffy; in fact, some episodes were better (although those typically involved other Buffy characters visiting the show.) Some other episodes, however, seemed to be padded with filler.

Yesterday Corb and the kids and I went to a birthday party for his nieces and nephews. The celebration was punctuated by a visit from Corb's rebel brother, who hasn't seen his mother in months, and totally screwed her on a cell phone bill. Also, Corb's uncle showed up looking totally forlorn. Turns out he spent $4000 on karate lessons without telling his wife and she was besides herself. Oh, and Corb and I had a water fight and I almost stepped on Corb's dog Stormy, causing her to yelp and scuttle over to crap on Corb's mother's foot.

After dropping off the kids, hell froze over and we did what we never do: we went to Providence and visited "those" kind of clubs. It was fun walking around and watching people, although club interior's are way too muggy. At the second club they had a block party, and we just stood there, enjoying the cool breeze drifting down the street.
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