Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

My Unasked-for Review of SW3

Well, das Corbster and I (and the kids) did what everyone else did this weekend, and went to see Star Wars 3 . I'll be kind, and hide my major thoughts behind an LJ cut, although I've made it a point not to give away too much, anyway.

1.) I enjoyed the movie, despite the fact that the sound system was faulty, and as a result, the music track seemed to be bubbling up from underneath ten inches of water.
2.) I always felt this way, but after this movie, I am more convinced than ever that George Lucas patterned the Sith Lord on Linda Blair's character in The Exorcist . If only the Sith Lord had spun his head around completely clockwise, my joy would have been complete
3.) There was one major question that kept nagging at me throughout the movie. I don't think I'm giving any plot twists away if I state that this movie tells the story of how Anakin becomes Darth Vader. I was just a bit troubled by how George Lucas described this (literally) descent into hell--I bought the beginning, bought the end, but making the connection between the two, not entirely convincing. I won't give anything away but I don't know if I completely buy how someone could go so bad so quickly.
4.) The marketing of this movie also bothered me: first, George Lucas calls this a love story? I'm sorry, but as with the first episode, the scenes that, by necessity, involve actual human emotions of sadness or remorse are the ones that fall a bit short, in terms of plausibility. And that confuses me, too, because, unlike the first movie, this film involves seasoned performers. Natalie Portman may be young, but she's proven herself in several other movies. So why does her performance fall so short here? And also, why is she reduced to simply sitting around and pining away for Anakin?
5.) On that note, I'm really getting bothered by the way this movie has been marketed. The airwaves are littered with promotions (McDonalds commercials, on Nickelodeon, etc.) where Darth Vader comes across as cute and funny...very kid friendly...but that's not what this movie is about at all! As one executive producer commented, "I'm not going to let my six-year-old see this."
6.) Finally, I'm still not entirely certain why a 25 year old white boy was given the voice of James Earl Jones, in the end. Was Anakin watching "The Lion King" during his off hours as a Jedi knight? Did he get a selection of voices on the operating room, and it was either this one or Pee Wee Herman's? Was there a "lose three body parts, we'll give you a cool shiny black exterior and a voice to match sale" going on?
I don't know, it just bothered me.

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