Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

DAMMIT! I just figured out that Elektra is based on some stupid Marvel comic character. And here I was, hoping I was going to see the life story of Carmen Electra. Man, that would have been WAY more fun...the sex with Dennis Rodman...the hottie husband...THE BAYWATCH YEARS!

(Sorry, I couldn't resist...y'all can go call out the lynching squad, if you wanna. Just be sure to make it a David Lynch-ing squad, okay?)

Anyway, I'm about to go to bed. Spent the night watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with Corbie and the Pussycats. Annie just returned home, and she's kind of down, so we spent about a half an hour or so talking. She did really well in her practical today--scored a 14.8 out of 15. But she still doesn't really like school that much, and her ex-boyfriend called and told her a bunch of stupid crap, and her best friend thinks she's pregnant...

I suggested that she may to ask Josie to talk to her friend, if she really is pregnant. She would have some really good advice about her options, having been a teen mom herself and also, having worked at a home for teen moms.

I think it was a good talk. I love her an awful lot, and I hope that she realizes it. I may not be the best dad in the world, but I really do try my best, and I'm so glad that I started dating Josie when Annie was just a baby, so I've been able to be by her side and watch her grow up through the years. It's been a wonderful ride.

It's funny. When people ever say to me, "Oh, I feel so bad that you had to hide who you are for so many years," I just kind of shrug and think to myself, "You just don't get it at all." I don't feel bad about that one bit, because it was truly the way my life was meant to go. I firmly believe that, now. I made a conscious decision, at the age of 21, to be a part of Josie and Annie's life, and I saw that through...and I continue to do so. Had things happened differently I never would have had the opportunity to have those two enter my love them with all my heart...I never would have Tiger or Ashley in my life...I never would have been able to write Amelia ...and I never would have met Corb. In short, my life would have been a hell of a lot emptier than it is today.

See, things do happen for a reason. Even if I can't see Electra on the big screen. :(
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