Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Stolen from the beautious desi_derata

That 2004 MEME - the first sentence of the first post of each month in 2004

January--"I slept over last night, but I'm not certain how much of the day I'll be here. I think Josie and I are having a spat."

February--"grrrr..I just wrote the greatest post about today's events... saved it...and it was still lost, in the blink of an eye."

March--"Leaving now to spend the day with Annie in the hospital. Josie's going to work for the first time in days. Hopefully, my girl will be dismissed today."

April--"Just got the word--looks as though I'll be traveling down to Maryland to shoot a video in April."

May--"Just came back from my grandmother's birthday party at my sister Kerrie's. a) My family is a bunch of snobs, and b) I really felt as though I were the star member of a pariah group."

June--"The worst has past! These past new nights have been hell, because my lighting guy is a, tempermental to say the least. He's actually a decent guy, just a bit fussy about things."

July--"Last night was spent eating Chinese food with the kids, snuggling in bed, and reading Bill Clinton's article in Time magazine. It's good preparation for the Democratic National Convention taking place in Boston next week: like the contrary Democrat that I am, I'll be hightailing it to New Hamster that weekend, and even worse, camping in Maine after for three days after that."

August--"The other day, I arrived home from work to find a grey envelope stuck in my door."

September--"You can always tell when two guys go food shopping."

October--" Well, I saw (or heard) much of the debate between Kerry and Bush, and (surprise, surprise) I thought Kerry was the better man, by far. Bush seemed repetitious and meandering and of course there were the customary malapropisms and mistakes, such as when he confused bin Lauden with Hussein (perhaps indicative of where his mind was really at after 9/11)."

November--"I feel really drained this morning. Part of it is the fact that it was a really busy weekend, but part of it is that I feel that emotionally, I've been through the ringer. And the funny thing is, everything that occurred just took place for maybe one hour, most, after what had been a terrific week-end."

December--"My trip to New York City, for our semiannual Corporate Communications conference, was exactly the recipe for indigestion that I envisioned: just mix an arrogant New York-centric point of view on the part of upper management with two parts corporate bullshit, a healthy heaping of cynicism, and a few rounds of appletinis, and you've pretty much baked my last two days into a nice little pie."

Overall impression: man, was I way too negative in 2004...guaranteed, more of the same world-weary cynicism in 2005!
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