Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

So I guess, before the New Year moves into full swing, I should take a look at where I went in 2004. Did I pass the audition?

I traveled, going to New York City a bunch of times, to a beautiful hotel in New Jersey, to New Hamster and Maine, and I was able to return to the Mecca: Splash Mountain at Disneyworld.

This summer's vacation was one of the most amazing of my entire life. Sitting in the tent...crying with the Corbster...amazing...

On that note, I found the love of my life. Those six words seem so mundane, just sitting there. And yet, they’re so mind blowing that I can’t even begin to put them into words. It seems hard to believe that four months from now, we’ll be celebrating our year anniversary.

I have a comfortable place to call home. It's beautiful, and it's with my man.

I stayed connected with Josie, and strengthened my love for my pussycats.

I actually met a childhood idol, David Letterman.

I challenged myself by directing the largest production of my career.

I fractured two ribs.

I was a total whore, until I found something a hell of a lot more satisfying.

I came out to my workplace, and discovered that it’s okay.

I lost someone really special--my grandmother.

I behaved very badly at her 90th birthday celebration, but made first steps toward reconciling with my sister Laurie.

I picked up momentum on Late Night Show.

I was able to see Brian Wilson realize his 40 year dream, and then went with my brother to see him perform Smile .

I still haven’t figured out why Gwen Stefani likes Harashuku Girls so much.

I got through a whole year and didn’t think about Steven even three times. You don’t know what an accomplishment that is.

Favorite movie of the year? Hmmm. Kill Bill 2.

I had this really silly “relationship” (if you can call it that) in the beginning of this year with this guy on LJ from Ohio. It’s amazing the declarations of love I created for someone I didn’t even know, and also just as amazing how those totally foolish words that I wrote pale in comparison to the real thing!

Favorite read? Greenwich, by Susan Cooper. I also FINALLY finished that huger-than-huge fourth Harry Potter book, which really did have a great ending.

I received my first ticket in years, fought the law--and won.

I became an uncle for the first time, as my baby brother had his first child.

I received my rejection from ICM. But it was a really NICE rejection. I’m not certain that counts for much, though.

I lived through a year of historic disasters, between the hurricanes in Florida, and the recent tsunami in Asia. And I thought I had it bad at the start of the year? Huh. I don’t the half of what feeling bad is.

I accepted another challenge--working on a non-profit board, and feel very good about the publicity that I garnered for the group’s annual fundraiser.

All told? If I look at my entries at the start of last year, I realize that I'm a totally diferent guy, coming out of this tunnel. 2004 took me on a journey, one I don't regret, one I learned from--and one I'll never forget.
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