Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Well, no more work for me for the next two weeks--can you tell I'm happy about this proposition?

This is also, believe it or not, my first day alone in the apartment, since Corb is working and the kids are at school. I'm already feeling guilty, because I've basically spent the morning sleeping in bed and dreaming about buying presents.

The cat has been freaking out for the past hour, and has been attacking the decorations on the tree with a vengeance (Corb would be doing a bit of freaking out, himself, if he were here, right now.) I just placed the cat in the little bedroom, for his own good. On occasion, I'm hearing strange crashing noise and a melancholy "meow."

On Monday, I was at the computer, and the cat sprang from on top of the bed and latched on to my neck. I totally freaked, and Thumbkin was so scared of me that he hid under the bed for a half an hour. That night, I dreamed that a vampire was chasing me through a bunch of dark alleys. I wasn't able to get away, and just as my neck was being bitten into, I woke up. The first thing I felt were the two scratches that the cat had delivered to my neck. I remembered what the cat had done after a few minutes...but for a minute there...I was seriously nervous...

Okay, enough of this stuff. I have major presents to buy, today, and a whole paycheck to blow!

btw, we just worked it out last night, and Christmas eve will be spent at the big house. That's right--all of us at the big house. I'll be sleeping over, and Corb will be showing up after he gets out from work at 11:30. As Josie says, it's nice to see things work out and to see our family--rather than diminishing or subdividing--simply becoming extended. I felt wonderfully warm, at the dinner after the funeral, sitting at my side of the table, surrounded by Corb and Josie and the kids, everyone interacting and getting along and just being a family. I think it sent a solid signal. More on that later--that's a big story that's sticking in my head.

But, right now--PRESENTS!
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