Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

This has been a busy weekend, although I haven't yet made it out of my apartment yet today. This morning was spent watching the finale of Season Five of Buffy with the kids and Corb, then making breakfast (bacon good!), and then playing a very odd game where we pretended that Thumbkin was a fugitive from justice and needed to be jailed, by locking him inside the entertainment center. Kitty under glass, anyone?

What was Thumbkin's name as the criminal, Corbster? I can't remember. After that, Corb cut out a slit in a box we had laying around the apartment, and we played a game where we tried to steal the box, in order to become King Boxhead.

Corb has decorated the entire living room with nutcrackers. He has quite a collection of them, including one huge blue one that must have set his mom back a few bucks. This morning, Tiger and I crept into his bedroom while he was sleeping and lined up all the nutcrackers so that they surrounded him when he woke up. He was not amused, but I still let out a sissy boy litle laugh whenever I think about it.

Friday night the two of us decided to go into Providence. We ate at Fire and Ice, and then walked through the rain for a while, finally ending up at a bar called Dark Lady. On the way, we passed a large woman in a ditrty sweatshirt pushing a walker. Her head was lowered, because of the rain, and she was calling out, "Help me, help me, I need a ride, I need a ride." It made me sad, and her cries keep echoing in my head, but fortunately, she did receive help.

The club was okay, I mean, as bars go. Corb and I sat and made small talk, and watched the TV show Wonder Woman, which was broadcast on the walls, without sound. Corb became totally obsessed over it, which sounds like a Christmas present to me. They had a terrible muscle-bound dancer there with a tiny weenie, who made Frankstein look like Fred Astaire. The drag queens, who I usually love, were abysmal. One came out swinging her hair to the music, and actually lost her wig in the middle of the song, revealing a totally bald head. She was a good sport, though, and kept it off for much of her number.

The saddest news is that my Dad called, and Nana is not doing well at all. She's hallucinating again, and was calling for her mother and father when dad visited her yesterday. The nurse pulled dad aside and told him to expect the worst.

I'm thankful she made it to Thanksgiving, but it reminds me of how badly I behaved at her 90th birthday celebration. That was during a low point in my life, but it wasn't fair, not for her, even if she didn't know what was going on.

I'm going to go see her, now.
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