Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Happy trails

BTW, Steven did respond to my post. His reply was basically, look, life's too short to start digging up a lot of old shit and beating a long dead horse. My response was basically, look, you missed my point, which was: I've flushed the shit. You no longer matter to me.

There was one section I found interesting, when he was describing his outlook on life. He said:

"We are spent in life trying to go from crisis to crisis with short periods of bliss and happiness. No one tells us how to act, who to act with and how
it all interacts."

I did write a response, and ended it as follows:

"There, that's over and done with, now I say unto thee farewell and take care of yourself, pardner. Happy's over!"

And then I deleted Steve off my email address list.

No need to go there ever again. I've finally said all I've had to say.
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